Casadona, with its’ head office in downtown Calgary, is a private family office that has plans to expand significantly over the next several years. Our Board of Directors has diverse and deep experience in successful organizations, and play a key role in providing guidance and direction towards the successful development and execution of Casadona’s strategy.

Casadona’s goal is to build a reputation and brand as a hardworking, loyal, respectful, trustworthy and responsible company. In order to accomplish this, we will treat our stakeholders including: employees, customers, joint venture partners and the communities in which we operate in a respectful and equitable manner.

Lorenzo Donadeo is the Managing Director of Casadona Group.  He was the co-founder of Vermilion Energy and recently stepped down as its’ President and, CEO and Chairman of the Board to allow him to focus his efforts on the Casadona Group strategic development and execution. Vermilion Energy has been recognized for 8 straight years in the category of the Best Workplaces, currently ranks among the best workplaces in Canada and has received considerable recognition as a community leader.

Casadona understands that the key to its success is based on creating a strong corporate culture based on strong family based values. This foundation, coupled with attracting and retaining high performing talented people, will help set the stage for our success.

Why Casadona

Casadona is a vibrant organization that is in the early stages of expansion. This growth provides employees with an engaging workplace, personal career development potential and a respectful and exciting work environment. Our core values of hard work, commitment, trust, respect and responsibility provide the foundation for developing and maintaining the strong corporate culture that we strive for. We are committed to being a workplace of choice that attracts and retains the best talent and allows employees to take pride in working at Casadona.

Casadona provides employees with a competitive salary and benefits plan.

Current Opportunities

Casadona Group does not have any open positions at this time.